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"Nuevo mundo" (Gabriel Retes, 1978)
Ficha Técnica:

Título original: Nuevo mundo
Año: 1978
País: Mexico
Género: Drama
Dirección: Gabriel Retes
Guión: Pedro F. Miret
Duración: 91min

Reparto: Elpidia Carrillo, Aaron Hernan, Juan Angel Martinez, Tito Junco

Datos del archivo:

Idioma: Español y P'urhépecha
Calidad: DVDRip
Resolución: 608x288
Formato: AVI
Tamaño: 650MB

Sinopsis: Durante el siglo XVI, para someter a los indígenas, un sacerdote Jesuita conspira con un artista para crear un icono de la virgen Maria, quien a su vez pide la reconciliación entre conquistadores y conquistados.

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P.D. Sigo esperando a que alguien suba o comparta la película"Chac: El dios de la lluvia"

Esto es lo que he conseguido referente a la película que quiero:

A very unique and incredible film, Rolando Klein made it in 1974 after spending two years living among the Tzeltal Indians of Chiapas, collecting stories, events, and anecdotes from their culture. A graduate of UCLA film school and of Chilean birth, Klein "returned to his Hispanic roots" at the urging of director and mentor Jules Dassin in 1972. A village is experiencing a drought detrimental to their crops and, resultantly, their survival. After only failure comes from consultation with their usual shaman, they attempt to gain aid from a mysterious diviner living in the mountains, who is said to practice the ancient ways forgotten by all else in the village. After securing his help, the diviner leads twelve tribesmen on a long journey as part of the rain-bringing ceremony. Eventually they return to the village to enact the ceremony proper, and incredible events ensue. In the meantime, there is always skepticism of the diviner's abilities; indeed...
Director: Rolando Klein
Mexico/USA. 1974.
95 minutes. Color.
A cult film from the 1970s, lost for years and now newly restored, Chac: The Rain God is based on a combination of ritual and legends from the Popul Vuh, as well as Tzeltal and Mayan stories. This gorgeous film, shot in the Chiapas region of Mexico by Chilean director Rolando Klein, focuses on a small Tzeltal village during a terrible drought. Desperate for relief, thirteen men set out on a quest to save their people from starvation. They seek a solitary Diviner who lives in the mountains and knows the ways of the Ancients; they hope that he can summon Chac, the Rain God. The Diviner takes them far from their own land on a strange journey, a trek that challenges their beliefs and even their saint. Chac is magical, mystical, and intensely visual. A dazzling portrait of a Native American spirtiual quest, Chac is a visionary masterpiece as powerful and revolutionary as Walkabout, El Topo and Aguirre, The Wrath of God.